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Do you make these simple mistakes while buying canvas wall art?

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A picture is worth a thousand words. They can make us feel curious, happy, and excited at times. This is the reason why paintings especially canvas oil paintings have gained a lot of popularity in enhancing the home and office decor.
Canvas wall art is a hand-painted art that will surely brighten up and mesmerize your home and office environment. We at fun animal art will provide you 100% authentic handmade oil paintings made by professional and talented artists. Canvas paintings are affordable as well as portable and lightweight. There is also less risk of cracking on canvas paintings.

There are several mistakes or blunders people make while buying canvas paintings. We will also figure how to curb all these mistakes for making the painting looking good on your wall.

1. Buying the painting before deciding the placement- When you bought a painting without considering the proper place where it should be hung, this decision can go wrong. In case you purchased a small painting and display it on a big wall in your living room, it can look too odd or doesn’t go well with your furniture and house decor. Sometimes the colours of the painting also do not go well with the background space.

So to not repeat this blunder that many people do, make sure to consider the placement area where you want your painting to be displayed before purchasing the wall art. In case you purchased a tiny painting then try to add more frames of pictures or other paintings together on the giant wall that can go well with the house decor and background space.

2. Not considering the frames- Canvas paintings are tightly stretched against the wooden frames that enhances their quality and appearance to a great extend. However, the quality of the frames might go unseen by many buyers while buying canvas wall art. Choosing high-quality frames can be an important decision as it enhances the visual effects of the painting. A low-quality frame can sag with time and decrease the visual impact of the painting.

Don’t make the mistake of going for any frame or just assuming about the quality of the frames. At fun animal art we make high-quality deep wooden frames that are built to last and the price of the frame is included in the painting. These frames are perfectly square and tightly stretched to increase the appearance of the wall art painting.

3. Buying paintings that other people consider good- People often buy paintings that look great to other people. However, it is you who will use to glance and enjoy the painting every day. Only you know about your home decor and the space where you want to display your painting.

Instead of making other people choose the painting for you follow your instincts and buy the painting that you like because it is you who will glance at it every day and enjoy it.

4. Choose the painting according to the natural light level of your space- Choosing the wall art without considering the natural light levels of the space can be a blunder as it can decrease the visual impact of the painting. You should consider the natural light level of the rooms before buying the painting. Space with bright natural light will enhance almost any type of painting from bright, dark to mild colors.

Areas with low or not much natural light or dark spaces should be displayed wall arts with white background or monochromes, they will look great there.

5. Placing the wall art very near to the furniture- Painting displayed near to the furniture can also be a big mistake as it can be a big problem for comfort. While sitting on a sofa anyone can hit by the artwork. There should be some comfortable space between the paintings and the furniture.

6. Choosing the accessories before buying painting- It is always not a good idea to choose the accessories like cushions and other small decorations before buying the artwork itself. Instead of this try to analyze the colours, textures as well as patterns of the painting and then buy the accessories. It doesn’t mean the same colours from the painting. There should be some uniform colours or patterns in the accessories that can complement the artwork and at the same time unrelated to each other.

If you can avoid these mistakes and blunders, you will surely have a glance at amazing and mesmerizing canvas wall art that you can enjoy every day. If you are fond of animals we at fun animal art will provide you with a plethora of funky and cute animal canvas hand paint art. All these paintings are made by talented and experienced artists. All these paintings are 100% oil paintings and framed to make your house and office decor look more attractive and elegant.

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