If you are one of those who adore animal art then you are at the right place surely. Animal art truly has something in it that can mesmerize anyone. Different animals have unique features that make them special. We at fun animal art will provide you 100% original handmade oil paintings of animals made on canvas available at affordable prices. It will also include high quality deep wooden frames. All these paintings are made by professional and experienced artists.

We established our small independent British art and gallery business in 2017. We commenced our business by selling local artisan works around Middlesex before launching our website. After receiving a great response from art lovers we continued selling our work through our website and local markets.

We have a wide range of animal wall art to choose from like cute dog and cat paintings. The French bulldog is our best selling painting. You can also choose from cute and funky paintings of elephants, horses, Girrafes, monkeys, frogs, unicorns, pandas and the list goes on. As already mentioned all these paintings are made by talented and experienced artists. With years of experience in making canvas oil paintings, these artists will make sure to replicate the paintings on the website as accurate as possible by giving their personal touch to the painting.

If you also hate the bare walls at your home and want to make your home decor enlightened with canvas wall art then visit our website. We have created an online gallery of mesmerizing and cool animal wall art that will surely make your home decor unique and elegant. We at fun animal provide a great platform for both buyers and artists. Buyers can have a large plethora of original handmade oil paintings to choose from. They can purchase elegant paintings at affordable without having to go directly to the place to shop. On the other hand, artists can display their work to a wider audience through the website which might not be possible in local art galleries.

Fun Animal Art is a small independent British based art and gallery business established in 2017. We started to sell our work at local artisan markets around Middlesex and launched our website a year having received interest from further afield. We have continued this approach to today and only sell through our website and local markets.

We offer a bespoke range of individually 100% hand painted and framed oil on canvas animal art works which we know will put a smile on your face. Every picture is unique!

If you’re looking for something cool, cute or just down right funky and one of your favourite animals, then we have the right picture to brighten up your room and day!